About Us

Flooring Specialists—and Much More!
A wide selection and affordable pricing means customers can find whatever they need without having to troll all over the internet. This is ideal for customers who are unsure exactly what kind of flooring they want, but don't want to waste time.

Helping You Make Sense of Technical Terms
Too often, flooring centers and installers take advantage of consumers and their lack of knowledge about flooring. By researching and finding out a little about each type of flooring, consumers can feel more confident in their ultimate choice of flooring. Finding the right kind of flooring for your lifestyle is key to customer satisfaction.

Some Things to Consider
When shopping for a floor, it's best to have the dimensions of the room, the budget you hope to stick to, and any relevant information about your home, such as when it was built. If you're not sure which floor is the best for you, ask yourself the following questions:

 What architectural style is your home?
 Is there a theme or style of décor throughout the home?
 How humid/dry is your local climate?
 How much maintenance are you willing to do?
 On the average day, how much foot (and paw) traffic passes through the home?
 How much longer do you plan to be in this home?
 Are you concerned about the environment/ looking for an environmentally friendly option?
 How much do you ultimately want to spend?
 What is the average cost of installation in your area?

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