Hardwood Flooring

Many Options and Many Looks
Choosing a type of hardwood flooring can be complicated. This is really one area where homeowners are spoiled for choice. With many different finishes and types of wood available, and even a variety of patterns in which the wood strips are laid, you can truly choose exactly what you want.

It can be overwhelming for the homeowner to select a hardwood floor.  Selecting a type of wood, color, and pattern requires a little homework. Keep the following guidelines in mind as you look over your options and make a choice:

 The type of wood influences how long the floor will last and how much traffic it can tolerate. A softer wood may not be the best choice for you if you have heavy furniture, large active dogs, or a lot of traffic and visitors through the house. Maple, ash, and oak hardwood flooring are considered harder woods, while pine, fir, and cherry hardwood flooring are typically softer.
 Solid wood flooring, like our oak hardwood flooring, is made of strips of the actual wood. Engineered wood is a manmade product that incorporates a few layers of wood together, making the wood more durable. Engineered wood can be a good choice for humid climates, as the multiple layers resist water damage more than actual wood. 

 The color of the wood influences the overall look greatly. A cherry hardwood floor immediately looks more formal. Lightly stained oak hardwood flooring, by contrast, gives a lighter feel to the entire room.

Different types of harwood flooring has different benefits that should be valued in your investment decision.

Hardwood Flooring