Tile Flooring

Why Choose a Tile Floor?
The life expectancy of a tile floor can be much longer than any of the other flooring options.  Tiles have been known to last many years with proper care and maintenance. The maintenance required for a tile floor, though important, is not work intensive. Simply sweeping, mopping, and waxing the floor is all that is really required.

Tile Flooring

Customize the Look of Your Floor
Tile offers you the chance to create something unique and suited to your home. You can truly let your vision come through by picking your tile pattern, colors, and grout colors. You can also create a specific look or effect by choosing a particular type of tile.

Ceramic tile is a popular choice because of its affordable price and clean, neutral look. Though many different patterns and colors can be found, ceramic tiles are also available in a natural finish, for those who want an earthy look.

Travertine tile is made of a naturally occurring form of limestone, and is universally recognized from its uses in classic forms of architecture. Many homeowners initially want travertine because of the beautiful and timeless look; however, those who research further into travertine tile floors are sometimes reluctant to proceed. Because of its porous nature, travertine does have a shorter life expectancy than other natural stone tile, and can show wear and tear much faster than ceramic tile. 

Glass tiles are usually a smaller size than natural stone tiles. Though they look precious and easily breakable, glass tiles are a good choice for the kitchen or bathroom, as they resist moisture and do not break easily.